Accu-Rolls were developed by Precision Roll as an alternative to costly Vijuk combo rolls.

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What Are Accu-Rolls?
Accu-Rolls were developed by the team here at Precision Roll as a better and more economical upgrade to the standard GuK (G&K), Vijuk combo rolls.

What Are The Advantages of

  • Because of the cost advantage, you can install a totally new roll every time for about the same price as a recovered roll.
  • Accu-Roll shafts have a 25% greater steel thickness, providing more stability.
  • Our larger shaft is straighter from the beginning and will remain straight throughout extended use.
  • A straight, true running roll, like Accu-Roll, can be installed and set up faster, will produce tighter folds, and can run at higher speeds.
  • The continuous covered surface of Accu-Roll will not hold rust, dirt, or grease; and is easily cleaned.
  • 22mm & 23mm Accu-Rolls will produce a much tighter fold.
  • New Accu-Rolls cost just a fraction of the price of new Vijuk rolls.
  • Accu-Rolls now available for 35cm, 43cm, and 53cm machines.

New Accu-Rolls are much more economical than new Vijuk rolls; and they can be recovered!

Accu-Rolls are so inexpensive that brand new ones can be kept in stock and old, worn ones can be disposed of.

Accu-Rolls by Precision Roll

Accu-Roll Close-up
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