Laminating Rolls

Custom Rolls

With over 30 years of roll covering experience, we pride ourselves on the ability to readily custom manufacture rollers to our customer’s specifications. We have no problem with special orders, from hardness (durometer) to size (metric or English).

Why Precision Roll?

  • We recover laminating rolls used to apply dry film to circuit board as well as rolls used to laminate paper
  • We are very familiar with rolls used for Dynachem, Hakuto, Dupont and many other industry standard (and non-standard) machines
  • Our compounds are designed to stand up to the heat used for internally and externally heated rolls
  • All finishes are BLEMISH FREE to ensure the highest laminating quality for long life
  • 100% Material Bond
  • All products meet or exceed rigid manufacturing custom specifications for taper, runout, diameter, and hardness
  • We utilize the very latest digitally monitored equipment
  • We employ Precision Skilled Machinists (not unskilled machine operators)
Laminating Roll