Mail House Equipment

Mail House Roll Set

Precision Roll refurbishes a wide range of rollers for mail room equipment including inserters, folders, gluers, and bindery machines

These rolls are manufactured by Companies such as:

  • Bowe Bell and Howell
  • Bell and Howell
  • Lasermax
  • OCE
  • MBO

Section Drum Rolls

These rolls can be referred to as:

  • Suction Drums
  • MBO Sure Grip
  • Graphite Servo Rolls
  • Segmented Folder Rolls

Mail House Rolls

Below is a table of the Bell and Howe rolls we recover.

Part Number Description
335798 Servo Roller Long
335799 Servo Roller Short
232832 Feed Drum (Speed)
262496 Feed Drum (Standard)
343166 Feed Roller (Square)
252398 Feed Roller (Small Dia)
258957 Short Green Roller
23936 Long Green Roller
257813 Roller
359314 Roller w/ Pulley-Short
359315 Roller w/ sPulley-Long

As well, we manufacture the following rolls for Pitney Bowes.

Part Image Roll ID(s) Description
Envelope Tire (Ring), Y618001 Y618001 Envelope Tire (Ring)
Stacker or D Roll, Y490525 Y490525 Stacker or "D" Roll
Over-Under Roll, Y613000 Y613000 Over-Under Roll
Separator Roll, Y100407 Y100407 Separator Roll
Flapper Roll, Y680061 Y680061 Flapper Roll
APS Roller, 8780055 8780055 APS Roller
APS Fold Rolls, 8480694 - 8480714 8480694 - 8480714 APS Fold Rolls
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