Guk Cartonac

We recover all of the rolls used in the popular and versatile inline Cartonac leaflet folders.

This includes the rolls uses in the GuK (G&K), Vijuk:

  • Cartonac 2000 – 21/4 and 21/6
  • Cartonac 81 – 21/4 and 21/6
  • Cartonac 91 – 21/4 and 21/6

When you start a recovering program with Precision Roll you can establish a supply of spare parts on the shelf, so you can develop a preventative maintenance program at a fraction the cost you are now paying.

We have been using Precision Roll’s refurbishing services to recover our GuK Cartonac 2000 folding, pressure and drum rollers for over 5 years now. The blend of rubber they recover the rollers with far outperforms and outlasts the OEM rubber in our application, going approximately 10-million machine cycles in between rebuilds with far fewer missed feeds or jams. They also do a great job repairing the worn bearing shaft ends of the rollers, whenever possible, and are more than fair when I receive an invoice. Their refurb rollers work so well, in fact, that when shafts become worn to the point that they require replacement I have OEM replacement rollers drop-shipped to Precision Roll to remove the brand-new factory rubber so it can be replaced before we ever install them onto the equipment. By utilizing their services and recovering our rollers we have reduced our Cartonac rebuild cost by ~65% vs buying new from OEM (with regard to the rollers themselves) and have been very pleased with their performance. Highly recommend them!

– Luke, maintenance engineer, US pharmaceutical